The Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia was founded in 1976 with the main purpose being to form a cooperative network of institutions of higher education in Asia.  Payap was one of the original founding members.  At present there are 59 institutions in 8 countries, including Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong and the Philippines.  The presidency rotates every 2 years.  From 2017-2018 the president of Payap University has the honor of being president of the association, and the Chaplain is served as the General Secretary with a representative from every country serving on the executive committee.

A meeting of the executive committee was held on April 28 in the meeting room of the Office of the President, Payap University.  The committee agreed to have a seminar for the members of the association on October 19-21, 2017 here in Chiang Mai with Payap as the host.  It is expected that about 100 people will participate.  It is going to be a good opportunity for Payap to demonstrate its ability to manage an international conference.  It will also be a good chance to publicize Payap University as well.  So I call on our personnel and students to be prepared to have a role in hosting this seminar. 

I will fill you in later on other details about the seminar.