Thai traditional blessing ceremony


I was very impressed with the camaraderie and unity expressed by students and personnel as we conducted the annual lovely Thai traditional blessing ceremony (rote naam dam hua) for our presidents and most senior administrators, on the 21st of April.  Thank you to the committee and all who prepared so many things, making the ceremony moving and beautiful.  I had the chance to talk with our past presidents and senior guests and they all expressed that they were delighted that respect which Payap folks have for them is undiminished.

In Northern Thai we call this  piti su-ma karawa sa’ klao dam hua (a respectful pouring of water on heads)  referring to the fact that younger persons ask to be forgiven for whatever lapses of respect they may have committed physically, verbally or emotionally, intentionally or unintentionally, over the past year.  This is a time for turning around, extending hands, and working fully to lead our university on steps forward without faltering.   The campaign we are waging is extremely serious.  We need everybody’s energy to move forward.  I hope that this beginning of the Thai New Year will be a good signal of good things we do together.  May all of you experience beautiful things all year.