Payap University Founders Day


The first month of the New Year has passed quickly.  We are already into the second month, which is a tranquil month but very meaningful for our university in that February 16 is recalled as the founding date of the university.  This is the date that the committee met and took action to establish an educational institution called “Payap Christian College”.  When this was proposed to the Ministry of Higher Education [now a unit of the Ministry of Education] they had us drop the word “Christian” and use the name “Payap College” for our establishment.

Following tradition, we have large celebrations every 5 years, and we have our own worship services for the other anniversaries.  This year we will have a worship service for the 43rd anniversary of our founding, to which we invite all past presidents and retired personnel to join.  The university is honored to have the Treasurer of the Foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand preach that day.  All our staff and students are invited to join in this worship on February 16, 2017 at 10 a.m. in the Henry Luce Chapel.

I am bringing this matter to your attention ahead of time because next week, Monday, 13 February 2017, the university will be closed to make up for the Makha Bucha holiday which falls on Saturday, February 11.  I hope you will have time to adjust your schedules to be able to attend worship to give thanks to God for leading our university forward these past 43 years.