The Payap entrance road


I have recently received many comments about the Payap entrance road that is full of potholes.  There is concern that this will be dangerous to students and personnel especially at night.  Please be aware that Payap University is not unconcerned about this, and is looking for ways to correct the situation.  The fact is that when Payap bought the large tract of land for the new Mae Kao Campus this access road was built later to make it convenient to come and go.  As traffic increased the road was damaged.  If the road were to be rebuilt from scratch it would cost 10 million baht which we cannot afford. We have been in contact with the municipality to ask for assistance with the costs, but they cannot help because the land is owned privately.  The municipality suggested that Payap relinquish private ownership and make this public land.  The university has designated the Physical Resources Development Committee to consider this in light of plans for future utilization of our land, because if the roadway were to become public, Payap’s land on either side would be divided permanently.  At this time the university is in the midst of studying our development plan.

For the time being the Physical Resources Management Unit is undertaking repairs as far as can be done.  Because it rains nearly every day, cement which is laid will not last as long as it should.  It is hoped that when the rains let up better repairs can be made.  The Fund Raising Committee is considering a project to seek contributions from those who regularly use this entry roadway.  The committee is investigating ways and means.  In the meantime we urge those who use this road to exercise special caution.