Our Students


This past Saturday administrators met with student representatives of the dormitories to build mutual understanding and to listen to suggestions from the students about changing operations to make the dorms more attractive places to live.  I want to thank the students for their proposals and for the projects and activities they will undertake this academic year.  I hope the students will accomplish the things they have suggested which should be of great benefit to the student residents in the dorms.

During the first month of this year 2016-17 the students have already promoted the reputation of the university in athletic competitions, as mentioned on the Payap University website.  I want to congratulate each of the students who have earned awards.  I have hopes that this year our students and personnel will acquire even more awards than they did last year. 

Thanks to a student who sent messages directly to the President’s Hotline (online message box), demonstrating concern about freshman initiation activities just being concluded that some of the students might have done things they ought not to have done.  I have directed those in charge of student development to pay special attention to this.  If we work together to take care of students zealously we will be able to prevent all sorts of trouble that might otherwise happen.