Congratulation Speech for the Graduates  from the International College, Payap University


Congratulation Speech for the Graduates 
from the International College, Payap University
By Dr. Rux  Prompalit, President
Friday  May 10th, 2019 :  09.00 AM
Henry Luce Chapel

My beloved graduating students,

On behalf of Payap University, I would like to congratulate you all for your diligence and determination that lead to your success today. At the same time, this is also success of your family and your faculty because they have walked alongside you and assisted you until you reach your goal.

Today you will receive Ironwood Flower pin (เข็มดอกบุนนาค). Ironwood flower is a symbol of Payap University. The flower represents three things:
1.    White color symbolizes purity and virtue.
2.    Fragrance symbolizes good reputation.
3.    A shape of many-tiered umbrella symbolizes dignity and meaningful life.

Besides its’ beautiful and fragrant flowers, Ironwood tree can also be used as medicine. Therefore, Ironwood also represent healing of heart, mind, and spirit. Payap University’s motto is “Truth-Service” This means Payap University graduates should use their knowledge to serve people in society. To heal the wounded, to comfort the broken hearted, and to strengthen the weak.

Thought it is very difficult to grow and nurture Ironwood tree, it is possible to do so with great love, understanding, and care. In the same way, you are like a beautiful Ironwood tree that has been taken care of by your family and your faculty. 

Therefore, every time that you look at Ironwood Flower pin, please always remember that a person who live a smart life have not only knowledge, but also characters and virtues, so that he or she can be like a beautiful Ironwood tree that makes a difference in this world.

May God bless you as you complete your study at Payap University and continue your life journey in a wider world. May you hold on to “Truth-Service”, and may you be successful in your career and in your life.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Again, congratulations and God Bless you all.