Payap University Announcement PREVENTATIVE MEASURES REGARDING COVID-19 (Edition 4)


Payap University Announcement


(Edition 4)

     [This is a summary translation issued by the Office of the President for the convenience of international staff and students.  The official version is available in Thai on the Payap website.]

     The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has impelled the Thai government to require restrictions on the operation of educational institutions along with many other enterprises.  Units of the administration of Chiang Mai Province have taken further steps to delay and inhibit the spread of the virus.  Pursuant to these orders Payap University has revised its previously announced operational plans for the period from now through midnight April 13.

     In order for us to restrict the possible spread of the disease, the following measures apply to all students, personnel, and other persons:

  1. Payap University shall be temporarily closed from 24 March 2020 through 15 April 2020.  Work shall resume as of 16 April 2020.                                             The previously announced Songkran holiday from 13-17 April will be cancelled.
  2. New student enrollment should be done on-line using the system on Payap University’s website.
  3. Payap’s official announcements regarding operations between 18-31 March are no longer in effect.  Instead, observe the following:
  4. Payap University will open the summer term for the 2562 academic year on 1 April 2563 (2020).  All courses will be offered on-line, with instructors teaching in “real time” or using prerecorded video presentations.  In this regard instructors will have to manage the hours of instruction appropriately to cover the materials, capabilities, and instructional outcomes included in the course TQF 2; these plans should made in a way that they can be used in future semesters.
  5. Practicums, field education, cooperative education, as well as summer term internships should proceed as planned except as necessary, at the discretion of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research. – In this regard, Payap University has prepared a system to support on-line instruction by teachers, who should be able to access this service by contacting the Office of IT and Educational Innovation.
  1. Replace previous announcement (edition 3) regarding measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with the following:  with regard to summer term mid-term examinations, instructors should choose one of the following modes of evaluation:
    1. Make assignments from time to time
    2. Have students make report(s)
    3. Give on-line tests or oral tests
    4. “Take home” exams

With regard to summer term final examinations, instructors should devise various techniques to use in place of exams in a closed examination room.  The evaluation of the learning should be effective, and the instructor should submit the method to the dean and to Academic Affairs and Research as usual.

  1. Previous announcements are replaced with the following: Absolutely all meetings, seminars, workshops, projects, and activities are cancelled that require gatherings of people. If needed such things could be conducted on-line, and if on-line meetings are impossible the meeting must be at the discretion of the President.
  2. In order to be of assistance to parents and students who are impacted by COVID-19, in accordance with announcements from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Payap University has reduced tuition for the summer term this year in the amount of 1000 baht per student.  If the student has already submitted payment for the summer term, the 1000 baht will be applied to tuition for the first term of the coming academic semester (academic year 2563/2020). If the student has already paid and is due to graduate the 1000 baht can be used for commencement fees.  The 1000 baht amount cannot, however, be used in place of fees for oral or written comprehensive examinations, fees for examinations to be exempt from required courses, examinations for thesis project proposals or thesis defense, fees for qualifying examinations.
  3. During the time that the university is closed, only the gate across the bridge will be open for those who have need to come onto the campus to work, and only certain rooms will be accessible; please check the Payap website for details.
  4. Previous announcements are to be replaced with the following:
    1. Faculty members should not come onto Payap University’s campus.  To provide summer term instruction all courses must be taught on-line.  All instructors should prepare to teach future courses on-line, with deans providing oversight for such courses.
    2. Support staff should not come onto the campus, but should basically work from home. – As  needed, in order to prevent the university from incurring loss or from achieving its mission, supervisors/unit heads or those appointed to have oversight can reassign responsibilities or require faculty or staff to come to work on campus.
  5.  Faculty members, staff and students are requested to remain in their places of residence, to refrain from unnecessary travel and gatherings, and closely keep up with news from the government and Payap University.